Modular Roll-top Messenger


Mighty. Mindblowing.

Elegant and simple design. Versatile for any style.

Designed for comfort.

Thick back paddings to protect your body from all those heavy carry.

Take anything. Anywhere.

Four layers of protective materials with water-resistance and impact protection in one amazing bag.

Choose your color. Just like that.

Customise your bag with 1000+ color combination results (with modules).

Carry more. Instantly.

Add extra capacity by adjusting the roll-top closure.  

Add more storage. Anytime.

Attach modules for those spesific items.



Massive. Measureless.

15-20 liter carry capacity with multiple packing scenarios. Take it to your daily adventures. Engage to your weekend escapes.

Lots of pockets.

Two on the outside. More on the inside. All for your convenience and safety.

Everything in its right place.

Main compartment multi-arrangement to keep your items organized and clutter-free.


One strap to rule them all.

Big, small, long, short. NOKN Strap provides easy setup for any NOKN bag model and any user style.

Long or short? Your call.

Use your NOKN M³ with the long strap setup for casual look. Set it short and put it on your back like a true rider.

Stable on your saddle.

Improve your bag stability while riding by attaching the included Mini Strap. Also, work as a waist strap if you set your NOKN M³ as a side bag.

Left or right? No problem.

If you use your bag on the right shoulder, just re-attach the NOKN Strap to the other side.

And more.

Leave the strap and use it as a carry-on.

Make it yours!

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