NOKN Strap³

Universal Strap for NOKN Modulars



Comfortable. Adaptable.

Wide shoulder pad for maximum comfort. Multiple strap setting for universal compatibility. And module docks for extended functions.



Wider surface. Thicker core.

We combine wider shoulder pad surface with soft inner padding for better weight distribution and optimized comfort. Say goodbye to the sore shoulder.



Add more storage. Anytime.

Attach your preferred module to one of the available docks. Get instant access to your most important items.


One strap to rule them all.

Big, small, long, short. Easy setup for any NOKN bag model and various carrying style.


For backpacks.

Set your NOKN Strap to its short or medium setting. Attach to any NOKN Modular backpack model.


For messengers.

Set your NOKN Strap to any setting. Attach to any NOKN Modular messenger bag model.


Also works with previous models.

Attach the new NOKN Strap to your first or second generation NOKN Modulars. Get instant feature upgrades.


Local sourced. Local made.

Precisely made by the best craftsmen in our hometown.


Better hardware. Buttery adjustment.

We learned new techniques with much more attention to the details. Resulting in a better strap adjusting experience. 



Choose your color. That easy.

Customise your NOKN bag with 9 available NOKN Strap colors. Be outstanding among your crowds.


Make it yours.